Presbyterian Support NZ keen for Tick for Kids Scorecards to be shared

Presbyterian Support NZ is encouraging all its regional Family Works Managers and Communications teams to promote the Tick for Kids Scorecards.

“Staff and volunteers can share these child-friendly resources with the children and young people they serve, confident that these information resources are evidence-based and backed by many other child and youth service and community organisations in the Tick for Kids network,” says PSNZ National Executive Officer Dr Prudence Stone.

“PSNZ is proud to have collaborated with Save the Children, UNICEF NZ, Child Poverty Action Network, Barnardos and CCS Disability Action to name just a few of the active Tick for Kids members who have contributed to the Scorecards. There were also many new members in the network this year, including VOYCE Whakarongo Mai and Family for Every Child, whose representatives really livened up the network with younger energy and enthusiasm.”

The Tick for Kids membership is so broad in its representation of children’s and young people’s issues, that it now has 8 Scorecards, covering Care and Protection, Climate Change, Education, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Inclusion, Incomes and Youth Justice. PSNZ contributed to the Housing, Incomes and Health & Wellbeing Scorecard development. With all members capable of contributing in one or more areas, the network developed a questionnaire for the Parties comprised of 44 questions across these 8 areas of concern.

“I have a background in public health and tobacco control, so I knew it was important to include a question in the Health & Wellbeing Scorecard about vaping uptake and its prevention through legislation,” said Dr Stone. “Then across all regions, Family Works Managers are seeing heightened anxiety and stress in their clientbase of children and young people, so you’ll also see a question that calls for their increased and targeted mental health funding. The Parties’ responses are varied. These Scorecards are worth reviewing before you vote.”

Stone says the collaboration among Tick for Kids members is unique and always a learning experience, as the network only really comes together every three years, to support and inform voting decisions in the interests of tamariki and rangatahi every national election.

“It’s a time of deep collaboration, when we represent to – and are updated by each other about the progress made over the election term, for tamariki and rangatahi. Tick for Kids have produced Party Scorecards this way for many elections now because we believe it’s important there are resources that might encourage children and young people to engage with the Party candidates about issues affecting them.”

Dr Stone says the Scorecards can support first-time voters to make good decisions in their own interests. She also hopes they make voting more relevant to some young people that otherwise might not engage with democratic elections.

“PSNZ’s vision is for empowered and connected whānau and communities: the mission is to foster wellbeing through advocacy and support. So I hope all our Presbyterian Support staff, particularly our Family Works teams will promote the Tick for Kids Scorecards with their clients and stakeholders over the coming weeks before election day.”

For media enquiries:
Dr Prudence Stone, NEO Presbyterian Support NZ
027 282 6004

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