Strengthening communities

Takihua takimano – Making a difference together

We’re passionate about building communities that are safe, strong and connected. PSNZ supports its regional offices to provide services that promote positive change in communities.

We encourage our people to participate in local events and forums to identify issues in the neighbourhood and develop local initiatives to address them. Some community development projects are long-term and ongoing, while others are short-term and address urgent issues such as an earthquake or flood.

In addition to supporting our regional offices, we have two special relationships that enable us to provide services that respond to local needs.

The Tindall Foundation

As a Tindall Foundation Local Donation Manager (LDM), we encourage and support our regional organisations and Presbyteries to listen to their communities and partner with them to undertake local projects.

Learn more about the Tindall Foundation Fund


PresCare is a partnership between the Presbyterian Church and PSNZ. Together we look for ways our caring and commitment can respond to the needs and nurture the wellbeing of children and families in Aotearoa.

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