Enliven New Zealand

Caring, enabling, supporting

Enliven services support older people and those living with disabilities to maximise independence and enjoy fulfilling lives. The principles of caring, enabling and supporting underpin all Enliven services. We believe it is important to recognise emotional, cultural and social needs, as well as meeting practical day-to-day care requirements.

Our philosophy recognises that people need to maintain control over their lives. We aim to build on people’s strengths in a way that preserves dignity and promotes overall wellbeing.

Enliven New Zealand encompasses seven regional Enliven organisations nationwide, with each region offering services that respond to local needs.

Some examples of Enliven services are:

Practical in-home support and residential care
Warm and welcoming rest homes
Specialist hospital and dementia care
Short-term respite and health recovery
Boutique retirement villages
Engaging day programmes

Enliven in your region

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