Leave a lasting legacy

Your gift will help to achieve positive, long-lasting change.

Show your commitment to supporting and empowering vulnerable New Zealand children, families and elders in your community.

Support older people

In New Zealand government funds the cost of basic aged care, like food, warmth, shelter and healthcare, but at Enliven we provide much more. Our vision is to create elder-centred communities where older people have companionship, choice, meaningful activity and purpose in their lives. By leaving a gift in your Will to Enliven, you are helping older people in our communities to thrive.

Support Families and children

Family Works provides affordable, tailored services to families, children and communities in need. Our ‘on the ground’ presence in local communities makes us different – and truly responsive to local needs. Leaving a gift in your Will to Family Works helps us to provide a full range of support services.

Leaving a bequest to PSNZ

Leaving a gift means your current financial situation and lifestyle need not change. You can continue providing for those who depend on you today, while also supporting people and causes that are important to you in the future. Below is some helpful information about how to begin and what you need to consider.

How to begin your Will

Leaving a bequest is an easy process. Below is some helpful information about how to begin and what you need to consider.

Your Will needs to be thought about, discussed, planned, and arranged carefully. That way, you can be sure that your hard earned assets will be used to support the things you care about after you are gone.

The first step is to contact your solicitor or professional trustee. They will make sure your wishes are clearly and accurately recorded in your Will or added to your existing Will.

If you’ve decided to leave a gift in your Will, you can choose for your donation to be used for a specific Presbyterian Support, Enliven or Family Works region, or you can choose for your gift to be used wherever the need is greatest at the time.

There are many ways to support PSNZ in your Will:

  • A percentage: a nominated percentage of your total estate.
  • A residual gift: after providing for your family, you can nominate that you want to leave part, or all of what’s left of your estate to PSNZ.
  • A specific gift: a specific amount of money, real estate or any gift you wish to nominate.

Wording your Will

When you make a Will, or add to an existing Will (a codicil) you need to be clear as to what your wishes are. Below is some useful advice on what wording to include.

As your Will is a legal document, it is important to seek the right advice and wording. You should contact your solicitor or a recognised trustee company; for example the Public Trust Office or Guardian Trust. They will be able to advise you on creating a Will in accordance with your wishes.

We suggest using the following wording:

“I give to Presbyterian Support New Zealand ‘a percentage of my estate’ or: ‘the residue of my estate’, or: ‘the sum of $ ’, for general purposes. I declare that the receipt of Presbyterian Support New Zealand signed by the Chief Executive, or other proper officer, will be sufficient receipt and discharge for my trustees”.

Bequests ‘for general purposes’ can be used where the need is greatest. Alternatively, you may prefer to support and specify an area of our work that is of special interest to you.

For example:

“I express the wish that this gift be used to assist work with elderly people.” OR, “I express the wish that this gift be used to benefit the elders of Enliven’s [Name] home.”

Our details:

Official name: Presbyterian Support New Zealand
PSNZ Charity Registration Number: CC10073
Address: PO Box 2174 Wellington 6140

We’re here to help

Reach out to your local Presbyterian Support

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a bequest, please contact your local Presbyterian Support office. We’d be delighted to hear from you and are happy to provide any additional information you’d like about our work in the community.