White Ribbon Day – 25 November

White Ribbon Day is an international day supported by the PCANZ, when people wear a white ribbon to show that they do not condone violence towards women and children. It is held on November 25th each year.

Keep your eye out for resources from the Presbyterian Church’s White Ribbon Ambassador, the Rev Hana Popea, which will be sent to congregations by November 19th. We are sure that the resources from Hana along with the following links will be useful for congregations in marking this important event during November:

  • A service of worship focusing on themes related to family violence. This service was created for PresCare’s White Ribbon resources by the Rev Roxy Gahegan in 2020. We love the ‘story of connection – you matter’ in this service!
  • Shine, a service of Presbyterian Support Northern, is a leading provider of training and education around family violence. Have a look under their website’s ‘Learn more about domestic violence’ tab to find lots of information to inform your congregation about domestic violence.

Copies of Presbyterian Church’s resources can be found here:

Message from the White Ribbon Ambassador 2022 / Resources PCANZ White Ribbon 2022 / Worship Resource White Ribbon 2022

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