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PSNZ makes submissions to relevant parliamentary select committees, government agencies and public inquiries.

On the GPS – HUD

We support the the GPS-HUD vision that everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand lives in a healthy, secure and affordable home that meets their needs, within a thriving inclusive and sustainable community. We also applaud how successfully communicated the priority of Māori housing is within this proposal. This submission shares our insights and highlights areas for improvement.

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On the Petition of Sue Brown

PSNZ’s Enliven supports RVA’s submission in saying it is not practically or economically viable for aged residential care facilities to be required to guarantee that a suitable aged care room will always be available to any resident, whenever they might need to move into the next stage of care.

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Housing Position

On The Retirement Villages Association’s Petition to Government

As a member of the Retirement Villages Association, we support the submission of our peak-body and do not support the RVR petition. We have a number of points to raise to support the RVA’s position and your deliberations.

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View the Facebook page video featuring Dr Prudence Stone at 27:33

Long-term Insights Briefing: Aging populaton and housing

New Zealand has an ageing population set to increase as those born between 1946 to 1965 move into the 65+ age group. National Super has provided older people with the means for a decent standard of living, based on the assumption of home ownership and being mortgage-free by retirement. Home ownership provided a buffer against poverty.

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Consultation on the Long-term Insights Briefing: The Long-term implications of our aging population for our housing and urban futures.

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